Rijkswaterstaat, a leading infrastructure owner becomes a member of buildingSMART

RWS-150x52The Dutch roads and water systems authority, Rijkswaterstaat has joined buildingSMART International as a standard member, one of the four classes of membership offered by bSI. Rijkswaterstaat is a strong supporter of open BIM and is already contributing funding to some of buildingSMART’s infrastructure projects.


‘In the Netherlands we have a significant infrastructure network of roads, viaducts, bridges and tunnel complexes, together with our extensive network of waterways and water systems,’ said Herman Winkels [ Program Manager of Rijkswaterstaats Bim programme]. ‘We need optimal data-sharing solutions based on open standards for design, construction and maintenance. International cooperation is in our vision essential to achieve this, since the market (IT wise and construction wise) is really an international one. Hence Rijkswaterstaat invests in bSI to share this vision and create the relevant open standards.’

Rob Roef, the Vice Chair of buildingSMART Benelux, said ‘we are pleased that Rijkswaterstaat has joined the international membership team as their experience and abilities will give real drive to the development of the new international infrastructure standards being developed. This in turn will then have significant benefit for the use of open BIM in the Netherlands as well as the rest of the world.’

Welcoming Rijkswaterstaat to bSI, CEO Richard Petrie commented, ‘Having such a significant infrastructure owner closely involved with our work will enable faster uptake of digitisation in infrastructure.’

source: buildingSMART | international home of openBIM

Dutch BIM Norm v1.1 (February 2013) | revision overview

Revised version v1.1 Dutch BIM standard. of 1 February 2013.

Version 1.1 of the standard is the result of advice and practical findings. To apply the standard to clarify and facilitate a number of technical and substantive changes made​​. In some cases, a different technical solution has been adopted in order to achieve a similar result. In addition, a number of additional requirements have been removed and editorial corrections made.

Overview of the main changes:

  • the concept of LOD is deleted;
  • the use of layers in IFC has been replaced by the use of a classification;
  • all storey transcendent spaces per floor should be split;
  • naming of file names is simplified.

The full norm (Dutch)

“BIG BIM little bim” published in Dutch

Official translation of Finith E. Jernigan’s “BIG BIM little bim” into Dutch, produced by Oadis.

BIG BIM little bim

With the release of BIG BIM little bim in Dutch, a highly focused national effort can be planned and measured. When a country is successful at implementing what is outlined in BIG BIM little bim, it will be possible for other governments do the same.

Dutch BIM norm Rijksgebouwendienst | Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

When enough government owners start demanding the use of BIM and related business processes, such as the UK, and commercial building industries get behind the benefits laid out in BIG BIM little bim, we will be creating the standard for sustainable facilities.



BIM -The sky is the limit | Video now with Polish subtitle available!

Nice video explaining BIM – simple way (now available with Polish and German subtitle)
BIM – The sky is the limit

Dutch initiative from:
Executive body of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment |
Building Information Council

BIM -The sky is the limit | Nice video in Dutch explaining BIM

Nice video in Dutch explaining BIM the simple way (now German subtitles available – English subtitles coming soon).
BIM – The sky is the limit

BIM – The sky is the limit Stimulate usage of open standards results in the use of openbim.

Dutch initiative from:
Department of Public Works – Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
Building Information Council