@bimserver: New release #BIMserver 1.1.0 RC1 | Great day for #openBIM! #IFC #BuildingSMART #BIM #opensource

 Yesterday the BIMserver.org team is proud to announce that the first Release Candidate of BIMserver 1.1 is public. It has been over a year since the previous release of BIMserver and we have to admit we underestimated the effort. For the enthusiastic users who have high hopes of this release we just want to say: slow down. You won’t see a lot of change… The UserInterface is still… well… ready for improvements. And the new features are not the kind you would passionately talk about during your family diner.

More info to be found here http://bimserver.org/2012/03/30/first-release-candidate-for-version-1-1/