openBIM Season – bSI Awards 2018

(l to r) Tom Einertson, Client Group Project Director, Inge Aarseth, Client Group, Steen Sunesen, Linkarkiteckur (Architects), Pål Trollsås, Skanska (Contractor)

Tønsbergprosjektet | Winners of the Design Award 2017 (l to r) Tom Einertson, Client Group Project Director, Inge Aarseth, Client Group, Steen Sunesen, Linkarkiteckur (Architects), Pål Trollsås, Skanska (Contractor)

buildingSMART 2018 awards open for submission

Submissions for the buildingSMART International 2018 Awards—recognizing use of open technology in four categories including design, construction, operations and maintenance, and student research—are now being accepted until July 31, 2018. Winners from each of the four categories will be recognized at the International Standards Summit in Tokyo (October 16–19).

The award program was created to showcase projects using buildingSMART solutions in an effective and innovative way. Submissions must demonstrate use of one or more buildingSMART tools or standards (e.g., IFC2x3, bSDD, etc.).

‘It’s an opportunity for companies to showcase their application of buildingSMART open standard solutions to current challenges of interoperability faced during collaborative project delivery or asset operations.’ Richard Petrie, Chief Executive

Participation is open to anyone, including non-members. Judges are called from each of the buildingSMART chapters. BuildingSMART will showcase as many outstanding submissions as possible—not just those from the winning projects.

The submission process is broken down into three stages:

Stage 1 [“The Claim]

Simply identifies your interest in submitting your project for award consideration. This stage is open to all applicants. If you are unsure if your project qualifies, feel free to submit the registration form and the team will contact you to discuss. Don’t forget about our Frequently Asked Questions section on the website.

Stage 2 [“The Evidence”]

If your project qualifies after Stage 1, you will provide the technical information used to support your case for consideration for a buildingSMART award. Please provide clear responses and demonstrations of the buildingSMART solutions and open BIM standards you used in your project. Demonstration of client and stakeholder benefits will significantly strengthen your submission.

Stage 3 [“The Promotion”]

Occurs once your project has been selected by the jury as a world class buildingSMART Award winner. At this point you will have the opportunity to provide marketing material related to the project and your firm that you can present during the award program in Tokyo.


The award was given for the first time at the international summit in Toronto in October 2014. See past winners here.

Source: buildingSMART