Autodesk supports BIM interoperability | #IFC

Autodesk’s work on our data exchange protocols underscores our ongoing commitment to support industry Building Information Modeling (BIM) interoperability standards and open source data exchange methodologies.


  • Autodesk created IFC Open Source export for Revit in 2011, which have been downloaded more than 30,000 times by users from more than 100 countries.
  • Autodesk has contributed at least 24 updates to the IFC export capabilities, and has updated the IFC open source 26 times.

Revit software products conform to IFC standards

Revit software products were among the first on the market to receive the buildingSMART IFC Coordination View 2.0 export certification, and to create IFC files in the latest IFC4 standard.

  • Since 2005, Revit products have offered IFC file export and import, making it possible to export replicas of project models into the standard IFC file format. Users can then import IFC files into any design program that complies with the standard, supporting greater interoperability throughout the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.
  • Autodesk has supported the buildingSMART initiative on COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) BIM data standard.
  • In January of 2013, we completed the independently audited buildingSMART Alliance COBie Design Challenge for Architectural Design and Coordinated Design, achieving industry-leading scores for technical proficiency.
  • Autodesk has worked with organizations worldwide to promote open standards, including:
  • U.S. National BIM Standard (NBIMS) and related efforts of COBie and National CAD Standard (NCS).
  • U.K. Government BIM initiative
  • The Bavarian Government FM Handover IFC Model View Definition

Autodesk supports BIM interoperability | #IFC by laurenssen

Open BIM Workflow – Graphisoft Blog

Open BIM Workflow described on Graphisoft Blog


(ENG) We want to show you the most important steps for good modeling and an associated data exchange at this point. From ArchiCAD the architecture model can be passed on to other disciplines.

(D) Wir wollen Ihnen an dieser Stelle die wichtigesten Schritte für eine gute Modellierung und einen damit verbundenen Datenaustausch aufzeigen. Das Architekturmodell aus ARCHICAD können Sie an andere Disziplinen übergeben.

1 Open BIM Workflow – Modellierung in ARCHICAD
2 Open BIM Workflow – ARCHICAD und DDS-CAD
2a Open BIM Workflow – Import und Weiterbearbeitung in DDS-CAD
3 Open BIM Workflow – ARCHICAD und Allplan
3a Open BIM Workflow – Import und Weiterbearbeitung in Allplan

GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD Receives IFC Coordination View 2.0 Import Certification

BUDAPEST, September 27, 2013 – GRAPHISOFT announced today another important milestone in its support for Open BIM with ArchiCAD having successfully passed IFC Coordination View 2.0 Import certification. This most recent announcement makes ArchiCAD the only architectural software developer to earn both IFC Coordination View 2.0 Import and Export certification.

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International buildingSMART BIM Week & Forum – München 2013

The half-yearly meeting of the International User Group, the International Technical Management Committee, the Process Room, the Product Room and the Infrastructure Room will take place in Munich on 7th-10th October 2013.

International buildingSMART BIM Week & Forum 2013

The international buildingSMART BIM Week & Forum, Munich in 2013 is THE BIM EVENT of the year 2013 and a unique opportunity to receive an inside view into global BIM procedures!

This year the international buildingSMART meeting takes place in Germany. From the 7th to the 10th of October approved BIM experts meet in Munich to discuss the newest developing trends, innovations and their experiences with BIM.

The international BIM Week overlaps with ExpoReal, Europe´s biggest real estate fair. The organizer, buildingSMART e.V., expects about 700 international visitors during the BIM WEEK.

The event consists of two parts: the BIM Week Workshops and the buildingSMART Forum. More info, agenda and registration link

bSI Newsletter No.12 | buildingSMART newsletter No.12. May 2013

bSI NewsbuildingSMART International | bSI Newsletter No.12. May 2013 by laurenssen


As news extra an interview with Christopher Zoog – a HOK buildingSMART specialist – describes an example of IFC4 integration in a complex façade study for a major new hospital building in New York City…

Newsextra toThe future with IFC4 Interview with Christopher Zoog, HOK bSI No 12 by laurenssen

Industry Day Seminar May 24th 2013 | buildingSMART Finland

Industry Day Seminar May 24th 2013

Following the IC meetings in Helsinki, there will Industry Day seminar on 24th of May. The seminar language will be English. The location of the seminar is Rakennustietosäätiö (Building Information Foundation RTS), Malminkatu 16A 8th floor, Helsinki 00100.

9:00 BIM in Finland 2013

  • National BIM Survey

9:30 BIM requirements and Guidelines

  • COBIM development
    BEC2012 (BIM guidelines for prefabricated concrete elements)
    BIM guidelines for Infra Structure
    BIM guidelines in USA
    BIM guidelines in Norway

11:30 Coffee
12:00 Software Certification for IFC
12:30 IFC4, What’s new?
13:00 End of Seminar

IFC4 – the new buildingSMART Standard

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Liebich, the Chair of buildingSMART International Model Support Group, made a long waited announcement:

After 6 years of intensive and hard work and many review and quality assurance cycles, the next generation of buildingSMART’s flagship international standard IFC has been finally released – a collaborative work by buildingSMART‘s Model Support Group and all other contributors:

BuildingSMART IFC4 What is New

IFC4 becomes an ISO standard – bSI newsletter no.11 with ifc4-special-supplement


In spring 2013, the new release of IFC4 was formally published as
an ISO standard – ISO 16739.


At the end of a long and meticulous process, IFC emerges stronger and better, and ready to win new fans around the world.

‘Accreditation of IFC4 was a welcome achievement after the efforts of everyone involved,’ says Thomas Liebich, AEC3 DE, who led the work through buildingSMART’s Model Support Group.‘At the last round of voting, the response to ISO 16739 DIS [Draft International Standard] was overwhelmingly positive – 11 ‘yes’ votes and zero ‘no’ votes. It doesn’t get better than that.’

Read more in the ifc4 special supplement with the latest bSI Newsletter No.11 IFC4 special supplementbSI Newsletter No.11

Route to accreditation
The process has involved intensive internal and external reviews to highlight and resolve the issues. As the process took its course, the IFC4 issue database accumulated a total of 1,100 issues that had to be resolved. ‘Software companies usually come in late in the review process,’ explains Thomas. ‘And there was more feedback on the last release candidate than ever before.

IFC has come a long way since the early releases in the mid-1990s. End-users will feel the benefits once IFC4 is implemented in commercial software, and there will be a ripple effect as clients get their projects built more efficiently and sustainably. Until then, newly certified IFC2x3 software should be used.

IFC4 at a glance

• enhances the capability of the IFC specification in its main architectural, building service and structural elements with new geometric, parametric and other features
• enables new BIM workflows – including 4D and 5D model exchanges, manufacturer product libraries, BIM to GIS interoperability, enhanced thermal simulations and sustainability assessments
• links all IFC property definitions to the buildingSMART data dictionary
• improves readability and ease of access to the documentation with numerous implementation concepts and fully linked examples
• contains ifcXML4 schema, fully integrated into the IFC specification in addition to the EXPRESS schema
• has been developed in line with the new mvdXML methodology (as the baseline for future computer-readable model views and data validation services)
• corrects technical problems found since the release of IFC2x3
• enables the extension of IFC to infrastructure and other parts of the built environment

IFC4 officially released | Open BIM – buildingSMART

IFC4 has been finalized, and it is officially released on 12. March 2013 for production.

home of Open BIM

London / Munich / Waltham  12. March 2013

IFC4 officially released

After over 6 years of development and over 1100 issues being resolved, on 12. March 2013 buildingSMART international has finally released the new generation of IFC schemas – IFC4. It will now be the basis of future work of establishing new open BIM enabled work flows by defining new IFC4 based model view definitions. The official IFC4 release includes both the IFC4 EXPRESS schema to support current STEP-based IFC exchanges, and the ifcXML4 XSD schema to support new simple ifcXML transactions,

>>read and download the final IFC4 specification<<