IFC4 Release Candidate published

The IFC4 Release Candidate 4 has been published on 03.09.2012. The Release Candidate 4 is the last update before releasing the IFC4 final. It is again provided for extensive public review and comments.

The IFC4 Release Candidate 4 is available now.

The main achievements of IFC4 RC4 are:

  • integrates ifcXML newly developed following the simple ifcXML technology,
  • integrates mvdXML by containing fundamental concepts and use definitions,
  • links all property definitions to the web-based buildingSMART data dictionary,
  • many new examples and other documentation improvements.

>>read and download the IFC4 RC4 specification<<

The buildingSMART community is strongly encouraged to review the current release candidate and to provide feedback using the MSG issue resolution database. The deadline for comments is 31.10.2012.

The IFC4 release combines a number of feature increases with some major rework and improvements of the existing IFC specification. It has been developed as the basis for future IFC enabled interoperability of Building Information Models. It is submitted to the International Standardization Organization (ISO) for approval as a full International Standard ISO16739.

Source buildingSMART MSG/ISG website