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Why should my organization join Open BIM?

Organizations all over the world have been encountering the collaboration issues detailed above. Different collaboration strategies have been used to address them including in many cases open collaboration workflow. At the same time open collaboration practices were used more as necessity in a plural AEC environment rather then intentional strategy to deliver better-coordinated projects.

The Open BIM movement elevates open collaboration to a strategic level where like-minded AEC professionals build upon their plurality to deliver building projects better coordinated, with less errors and in higher quality.

Should you or your organization share these values joining the OPEN BIM movement not only provides you with guidelines and best practices but also with common branding and international visibility to leverage upon these values and maximize the value of your projects. OPEN COLLABORATION → BETTER BIM!

Where can I find more information about Open BIM?

OPEN BIM is supported by various organizations that host related information in their own domains. To find some relevant information you may also choose to visit any of the following pages: