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What are the characteristics of the “open” approach?

The other prominent approach to model based collaboration promotes open collaboration workflows where complex company and project structures are fully appreciated. This approach elevates the conversation from the data level to the workflow level making data what it is a medium or vehicle of high-level information. With this approach project participants can be selected based upon their professional expertise and not particular software being used.

  • System independence → coming from its name open workflows provide the different trades with the option to join with the best tools for their own purpose without losing the benefits of model-based collaboration
  • Integrity and ownership of BIM project data → different trades in the real world are required to maintain ownership and responsibility for their own design data. With open collaboration workflows this is fully provided as parallel data structures are being developed and coordinated
  • Workflow transparency → open collaboration requires the workflow compatibility achieved through transparent protocols and interpretation of data to provide an open interface to any solution that decides to connect

Where can I find more information about Open BIM?

OPEN BIM is supported by various organizations that host related information in their own domains. To find some relevant information you may also choose to visit any of the following pages: