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What are the characteristics of the “platform” approach?

One of the prominent approaches to model-based (BIM) collaboration is the platform approach where the different branches of the same product family are used to provide binary compatibility. This data-level compatibility on its own may leave serious gaps in the coordination workflow:

  • No data conversion → this approach has the strong promise that due to the complete elimination of data conversion all coordination issue are solved. Unfortunately regardless of data formats the different trades have really different grip on the different building structures, which need to be tackled at the workflow level of the coordination
  • Limited utilization of others’ data → although the platform approach may invoke for a shared BIM model the different trades’ differing requirements do not allow such integrated approach. In this sense a platform solution does not bring any advantage compared to other solutions
  • Compatibility issues → for the full utilization of the platform approach rigorous synchronizations are prerequisite to have all project participants not only on the same platform but also on the same software version as well. This may easily generate problems if any of the participants belongs to a different organization with independent projects and IT schedule

Where can I find more information about Open BIM?

OPEN BIM is supported by various organizations that host related information in their own domains. To find some relevant information you may also choose to visit any of the following pages: