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What are various approaches to address collaboration issues?

Sticking to the technical level coordination between the different trades has been through a long evolution. Traditionally different trades submitted full printed documentation sets at the different stages of the design process and used light-tables to try and coordinate the different building structures and building systems. This approach is still popular today with paper’s digital equivalents the still 2D DWG and PDF based collaboration workflows.

With the advent of model based design (BIM) design collaboration entered a new era with the much richer building information model data. With BIM models there has been an increasing demand for true model based collaboration. Two fundamentally different approaches emerged one known as the “platform” approach where collaboration happens using the different branches of the same software solution, the other known as the “open” approach where different software solutions form the basis of model-based collaboration.

Where can I find more information about Open BIM?

OPEN BIM is supported by various organizations that host related information in their own domains. To find some relevant information you may also choose to visit any of the following pages: