BIM -The sky is the limit | Video now in English available!

Nice video explaining BIM the simple way (now available in English language)
BIM – The sky is the limit


Dutch initiative from:
Department of Public Works – Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
Building Information Council
English translation by OpenBIMlab

2 thoughts on “BIM -The sky is the limit | Video now in English available!”

  1. A very rosy picture, indeed, but one in which some will hear some darkness in the statement “All WILL participate.” Also, I would consider circulating this, but doubt that I have convincing answers for a number of the questions the piece raises, including: “How? (adding new elements easily), Where (the standardized object library), and What (free open standard by which all our tools can “contribute” to the BIM). By the way, I am as aware of buildingSMART, IFC, IFD, etc. – both their successes and their shortcomings – as anyone who is not directly involved with their development.

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